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We're raising the bar on Resolvers!

Resolvers were engineered to be reliable in the harshest conditions. Resistance to heat, dust, humidity, oil, and extreme pounding/vibration makes this device outperform encoders and pulse coders.

Unlike the newer digital encoder counterparts, the resolver has infinite resolution and the potential of superior surface finishes (all other factors being the same within the machine over encoder feedback systems). The main difference is that encoders use digital (ones and zeros) signals, and resolvers use analog signals, much like the difference between the old Long Play (LP) Vinyl Albums vs CD's. Sample rate has as much to do with resolution in CNC's as it does with CD players for sound.

We recommend replacing them about every 1-2 years to steer clear of trouble!

If you have noticed a decline in your surface finishes, now is a good time to replace your resolvers....




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