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Inverter brands you trust!



The California pioneer of servo systems and a Fadal partner from the beginning, Glentek Corp. has developed our new "Fast Tap" Vector Drive.

Based on proven technology and intricate knowledge of Fadal machines spanning from 1984 through the late 2000's, you can expect this drive to run flawlessly for years. If you are already familiar with the quality of their motors and amplifiers, you can rest easy knowing this inverter may quite possibly outlast your Fadal.


  • New Mode of Operation Menu
  • New Mode of Operation Switch
  • Program this drive for any VMC with one click
Don’t risk machine down time! Ask for the new "Fast Tap" Vector Drive and know you are getting the right perameters each and every time.
Only $2,500
1-Year Warranty


Yaskawa (15 HP 10K/7.5K RPM)

Yaskawa is the largest AC Inverter Drives manufacturer in the world, and it's because they provide top of class quality,  performance, and flexibility.

The INV-0093 is a direct replacement for the INV-0096, 97, & 98. It enjoys outstanding regulation, torque production, and position control capability for CNC machines.

Other Feature Highlights:

  • Closed or open loop vector control options
  • Easy configuration controls
  • Continuous auto-tuning for changes in motor temperature
  • Kinetic Energy Braking during momentary power losses
  • Fast acting current and voltage limiters
  • Network communications

Only $2,595
1-Year Warranty


Advanced Motion Control (AMC)

"The Rock," otherwise known as the Advanced Motion Control (AMC) Spindle Inverter, has been with Fadal since nearly the beginning. Why?

No Parameters, no random changing, and no drifting.

  • Over 30 years of being the staple for Fadal spindle drives
  • One inverter fits all machines
  • Tuning is a snap with the instructions that are written on the cover
  • No parameters to fool with...EVER!
  • All connectors are completely compatible and cover 35 years of machines
  • Inverter mounts in existing location of old inverter. No fuss, no muss.
  • Many AMC INV-0056 inverters are still running fine today. Now that’s reliability!

Only $2,500
1-Year Warranty

Note: When ordering these products, please let us know
your machine's specifications, i.e. RPM, Closed or Open loop, and HP.

CNCPros has no affiliation with Fadal Engineering or any of their related companies.