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When replacing ballscrews, it is imperative that you order the correct screw or your machine will not move accurately. Every ballscrew has a very specific diameter and pitch. Pitch meaning, how far the ball nut (connected to the table) moves per 1 revolution of the screw. When Fadal specified ballscrews in the early days, they were all made with an "Inch" pitch. This continued until approximately 1992 where they saw the benefits of moving to a "Metric" pitch for faster feed rates and machine longevity. The VMC 6030 and 8030 were all made with inch pitch screws and the only model that never changed throughout the years.

If you don't own a VMC 6030 or 8030, you will need to determine if you have an "Inch" or "Metric" pitch machine. The procedure is very simple and can be found one of two ways for a positive identification.

View our Tech Tip on Identifying Inch or Metric Ballscrew or call for assistance before placing your order.


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